About Us

We are Claude and Judy and we own and operate Kayben Farms, near Okotoks Alberta. When we first purchased the land in 1997 , we didn’t know what our farm would grow into and we had a lot of big ideas.  Over the years we have tried numerous things and some of our ventures no longer made sense so we closed them down. We now have two main departments that we have settled on; agri-tourism and landscape construction.

Claude oversees the landscaping, the farming and equipment for the operation. Claude’s background is in both farming and engineering.  His specialty is innovation and his motto in life is “how hard could it be?”

Judy oversees agri-tourism, and administration.  She is also the company’s marketing and H.R. department. Judy’s background is in Animal Health but her passions are making sure that the staff know how to do their jobs and that our customers know that we will take care of them.

Our four delightful grandchildren have become our biggest fans and our greatest source of inspiration for what we want our farm to be for other families.

We raised our three wonderful daughters on this farm and it gives us great pleasure to watch your families enjoy it too!