Some Frequently Asked Questions about Kayben Farms:

  • Are dogs allowed?   We do not allow dogs on the property, so please leave your furry friends at home.  Service dogs are welcome.
  • What ages are appropriate for the park?   While most activities are geared towards tots & children, families of all ages will find something fun for everyone.  Who doesn’t like farm animals and a corn maze?!
  • What does the name ‘Kayben’ mean?   There aren’t any people named Kay or Ben here.  The farm name Kayben is based on the name of Judy Kolk’s grandparent’s home in Holland; “Eben” (pronounced ay~ben) the Dutch equivalent of Ebenezer, which means “By God’s help we have come this far” (see 1 Samuel 7:12).
  • Do you have to pay admission to U-Pick?   No, the only place on the farm that takes admission is the Sunshine Adventure Park.
  • Do you take debit/credit?  You bet, we have debit and credit in all areas of the farm (some exclusions may apply at concessions or special booths on festival days)
  • Can outside food be brought in?   Yes, you may bring snacks/picnic lunches.  Just no heat producing  or electrical appliances please (no bbq’s etc).  Please enjoy your food from home in the park, the tables on the patio and inside JoJo’s Cafe are reserved for guests who have purchased food from the Cafe.
  • When it rains, does it get muddy at the farm?  Sometimes, yes.  Depending on how much rain we have.  Just remember, this is a farm and there are no paved surfaces here.  Usually as long as you dress for the weather, you can enjoy most activities even if it’s a little wet.